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A mom's view

A Moms View: Pride Festival

Annual Pride Festivals at a glimpse:


The first time I attended Pride, and I still have the picture of me with my son Jay in the big chair. I was in the parade with other friends from the spiritual center I attended. We passed out necklaces and waved at the spectators. There was fun and excitement as we all were part of an event that said yes to equality and diversity.


I was honored to be a part of the Pride Interfaith Ceremony, held before the Pride Festival began.  I did the singing bowl to begin the ceremony.  After the service, we marched to show our support from many faiths.


I marched again in the parade with the new Utah Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The chamber encourages its members to be in the parade and volunteer in the booth. I shared a booth with a friend; we were extremely busy doing Angel Card Readings.


I helped at the booth of the Utah Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. We did a western theme, had a photographer, prize wheel and toss game.


This year I hope to watch the parade and see all the colorful, fun, and entertaining entries.

The Pride Interfaith service will be held Thursday, May 30, 6:30 p.m., at Congregation Kol Ami, 2425 E. Heritage Way (2760 South). For more information you can go to: Http://www.utahprideinterfaith.org

Pride festival is a place you go to be who you are and to shine. Dressed up, half dressed, shoes, heels, no shoes, dogs, children, youngsters and oldsters; everything and anything, incredible entertainment, booths, vendors, food, beer and a lot of fun things for you to do.

Each year the parade gets bigger and better, the crowd of spectators doubling each year. When in the parade, I was awed when I turned a corner and saw the immense crowd, and additional police were called for crowd control.  More businesses, churches and organizations are joining the parade and festival each year, saying yes to equality and being proud to show that pride publicly.

This year’s theme is “Gotta Be Real.”  This is considered one of the premiere gay prides in the Western United States.

If you have not had a chance to go to the festival or parade, make a commitment to come with your family and join us as we say in one loud voice “Yes! To Pride , Yes! To Equality!”




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